Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Don't Get Salty Over Salt Water!

Ever hear, "BUY NOW and the Salt Water System is FREE?!"  Oh, and here's a puppy.  Have fun!

There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding salt water systems.  So today we're going to clear them up.

Do salt systems still use chlorine and ALL the other chemicals?

Yep.  Salt cells generate chlorine and four other harsh chemicals from salt water.  They also use every other chemical you need for a hot tub, including chlorine to shock and prepare the tub for heavy use.

Is salt water easier to use?

No way.  There are tons of other things you have to take into account above and beyond a normal hot tub.  Like removing the salt cell and cleaning with acid before reinstalling.  Every three months.

How about cost?

Uber expensive compared to normal hot tubs.  First, you pay for the system (unless they throw it in for "free").  Then every 1.6 years, you have to replace the cell ($300-$500).  Plus you have to buy all the same chemicals as other hot tubs.  So you're spending thousands more over the life of the tub.

Well, it's better for my skin, right?

Even if you dial it in right, still no.  In any hot tub, if the levels of chemicals are properly maintained, will be fine for your skin.  You remember they use 5 different oxidizers to keep the water clean, right? Your body reacts to those, too.

It's better for the environment?

If every procedure and warning (there are hundreds) is followed, you will use less harsh chemicals.  Same goes for a regular hot tub.  But salt water systems require other products that are used and thrown out on a regular basis, so overall it's worse for the environment.

It will last longer though?

Negative.  Salt water systems carry a one-year warranty, at best.  Your hot tub will last a lot longer.

If you want to use less chemicals, and have more fun and less maintenance come see us.  We have products that can leave your water clear and clean, with VERY little chemicals used.  For example, Dimension One's VISION cartridge.  And the Spa Frog.  We even have SALT, but our salt smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft.  (its like taking a bath!)  Whee!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Uh Oh Costco!

"OK honey, the cart is full.  I got the giant box of cereal, the case of wine, the jug of salsa, the five pound box of spaghetti, what am I forgetting?"

"Did you get the hot tub?"


This conversation is happening all too frequently these days.  People are buying hot tubs where they buy bulk foods.  Now, we're not geniuses (well some of us aren't) so we don't understand what is going on.  Costco is a great place to buy giant jars of pickles.  (Who doesn't like pickles?)  But for *&%$# sakes, why would you buy a hot tub there?

You may think you're getting a great deal, but when you see your electric bill and our repair invoice (we service Costco hot tubs and any other make and model), you'll be sorry you ever signed up for a membership.  And the savings you think you're getting are realistically not much to begin with.  We have a huge selection of tubs, and even our lowest end tubs are fully insulated, warranteed, and come with our knowledgeable staff to help you if there is ever a problem.

Businesses are out to make money, sure.  We are too.  But putting items in your store just to make a quick buck, and not caring about quality or long-term satisfaction is quite honestly, insulting to those of us who have spent years building a successful, customer-focused business.

If you've already bought a tub from Costco and are ready for a real quality hot tub, let us know.  We've helped people like you return their tub for a full refund, as per Costco's policy.

So before you throw that hot tub in your oversized cart (be sure not to squish the three-dozen carton of eggs), think about it.  If you really want to know how that hot tub stacks up to the modern vessels of the gods that we purvey, watch this video from an independent expert appalled with Costco's audacity.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Please Buy That Hot Tub at a Hot Tub Show! (A Must Read)

We at Hot Tub Tony’s encourage everyone who’s thinking of going to a hot tub or home show to bring your checkbook and plop down big bucks for fake discounts on a no-name hot tub with no local dealer or customer service to help when it breaks down.

You see, we make a lot of money fixing hot tubs from other brands and dealers.  It’s a cash cow!  Not only do they not service the tub, most of the other dealers in the area only service the hot tubs that they sell.  And there’s nothing like a high-pressure pitch to get customers into hot water before they make an informed decision.

Some people just won’t go for it.  They see through the inflated prices and imaginary markdowns that pay for the convention center, the innumerable commercials, commissions and travel expenses for the slick salespeople who will tell you anything to get the sale.  That’s okay, too.

After a spa show, we get a lot of traffic from people who didn’t fall for the scam.  They realize the peace of mind and REAL discounts they can get from a reputable dealer with hundreds of happy local customers.  Someone who will help them should they ever need it, with chemicals, water testing, accessories and other fun backyard products like grills, furniture, saunas and more.  We’ve been here for years and there’s a reason for that.

But if you’re in a real hurry and feel like being hosed, a hot tub show is the perfect place for that.  Make sure you bring a pile of cash, a raincoat and some waders because it can get pretty deep!